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Private Custom Journeys in Polynesia

The “many islands” of Polynesia include Samoa, the Marquesas, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Tonga, and Easter Island. Crystalline waters, coral reefs, lush volcanoes, beautiful beaches, ancient spirits, sweet choral music, rhythmic drums, exciting dances, and thriving traditions are a tropical breeze filling your sails.

You are there—

  • Independent Samoa: Explore mangroves by canoe, hike lush rainforest to breathtaking waterfalls, and snorkel reefs teeming with tropical fish. This is a spectacularly beautiful place. Samoa is home of the fire-knife dance, extensive tattooing, an active chiefly (matai) system, and a village-based culture. Stay overnight as a village guest to learn about the way of life and try your hand at traditional arts like basket weaving.
  • Easter Island: Dig into the mysterious history of Rapa Nui—the most remote and isolated inhabited island on earth—with a prominent archaeologist. What is the story of the 887 moai figures? What happened to the people? Stay a week on this rugged island to literally sift through one of the largest bodies of archeological sites in the Pacific.

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