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Territories - Alaska

Territory Map : Alaska

Six Distinct Geographic Regions: Arctic, Interior,
Western, Southwestern, Southcentral, and Southeast

Thank you, William H. Seward. When asked to name the most significant act of his career, he declared, “The purchase of Alaska! But it will take a generation to find that out.” We’re still discovering magic and value in the Great Land. Alaska remains a stronghold of wilderness, a refuge for wildlife, a rich source of raw materials, and a dream destination for travelers (and you don’t need a passport). Let us introduce you to this immensely diverse state, from the delicate beauty of the arctic tundra, to the looming mountains and lovely birches of the Interior, to the towering old-growth forests and abundant waterways of Southeast.

Guided Group Journeys to Alaska

Other Off the Beaten Path styles for seeing Alaska

Private Custom Journeys: Prefer to explore the “Last Frontier” on your own? We can help you plan a trip to experience the wild essence of Alaska, free of the tourist and cruise crowds.

Fly-Fishing Expeditions: Alaska rightly conjures up images of big fish and wild waters, remote lodges, and fly-in fishing.

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