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Territories - Patagonia

Territory Map : Patagonia

Chile & Argentina

Patagonia is a tremendously diverse geographic region at the tip of South America that includes part of both Chile and Argentina. It is a land of craggy mountains, vast glaciers, deep fjords, rolling pampas, rushing rivers, and deep forests. The people are gracious and friendly, the horses are steady, and the trout are usually ready to bite. We often hear people say that traveling in Patagonia gives them a sense of what it must have been like to travel the 19th century American Frontier. And best of all, our winter is their summer. Fly south this winter, way south.

Guided Group Journeys to Patagonia

Other Off the Beaten Path Styles for experiencing Patagonia

Private Custom Journeys: Let OBP be your “interpreter” in Patagonia, helping you understand how to travel in the country, and sending you off with a list of introductions.

Fly-Fishing Expeditions: We think Patagonia presents more wild-trout angling destinations than any other region in the world. Go see for yourself.

Ranch Vacations: These are ranch vacations with an austral twist. All estancias offer genuine warmth and hospitality and a window into South American history and culture.

"I just want to thank you for one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever taken. One of the major highlights of the trip was being with Bill and Pam [OBP co-founders Bill and Pam Bryan]. They worked so well together as a team and individually. It just really made the trip great." —Michael B.