Off The Beaten Path : Group Guided Journey : Highlights

A lodge-based exploration of Peru's Amazonian rainforest



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Trip Length 10 days/9 nights
Group Size 6-14
Arrive/Depart Lima, Peru / Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Price From $3,995 to $4,395
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Territories Peru Amazonas Adventure : Journey Highlights

The Amazon River flows with water from over 200 tributaries to form the most extensive watershed on the planet. One of those tributaries in the Upper Amazon Basin is the Madre de Dios River, which is surrounded by some of the richest reserves of plant and animal species in the world. Join Off the Beaten Path’s capable and trusted Peruvian trip leader and guide on a remarkable journey deep into the stunningly diverse and pristine Tambopata National Reserve. This journey of discovery is based in three distinctive lodges, connected by motorized canoe. You spend your days walking rainforest trails and exploring the canopy from suspension bridges enjoying spectacular wildlife-watching and birding with local naturalist guides, with delightful and thrilling opportunities to experience the rainforest at night. Traveling with your Peruvian cultural liaison and interpreter gives you an unparalleled opportunity to explore in an adventurous, authentic, and free-spirited way. Accommodations begin at the highest end, and become more rustic as you push deeper into the rainforest. It’s pure Off the Beaten Path!

  • Peruvian trip leader/guide: OBP’s friend and trusted Peruvian guide lends terrific expertise, understanding, and cheerful traveling energy to this journey to deepen your experience in countless ways.
  • Amazonian birds and wildlife: The list of species you’re likely to see includes macaws, nightjars, herons, toucans, parrots, flycatchers, Muscovy ducks, caiman, turtles, frogs, capybara, peccaries, and brown capuchin, spider, howler, dusky titi, and squirrel monkeys.
  • Distinctive lodgings: From a first-class amenity-rich eco-lodge to rooms at a research center, you will feel a deepening connection to this intensely biodiverse rainforest world.

"Unlike traditional Amazon River cruises that keep you largely confined to a boat, this journey of discovery is based in three distinctive lodges, with lots of opportunities to explore trails and hanging bridges." –Pam Bryan, OBP co-founder