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Private Custom Journeys in Hawai’i

The Hawaiian Islands anchor the northern corner of the Polynesian triangle. While some areas of the islands are certainly developed, unbridled nature and true aloha spirit abound off the beaten path—as long as you holoholo (get out and about) with the right people. The kinds of connecting experiences we provide in conjunction with our island partner have surprised and delighted even locals.

You are there—

  • The Big Island: Learn how to build an imu, the traditional Hawaiian underground oven, and cook kalua pig at your own family lū`au with new Hawaiian friends. Hike at night with a volcanologist to see the glowing lava of Kīlauea. Venture deep into a lush valley and visit taro farmers. Join the subculture of star watchers on Mauna Kea.
  • Moloka`i: Get in the water of an ancient fish pond and remove invasive seaweed with the kapuna (elders). Experience the strange peace of Kalaupapa, a remote colony where people with leprosy were once banished; Father Damien is being canonized for his work there. Learn hula from a kumu hula (teacher) on the island where hula was born. Snorkel Hawai`i’s longest barrier reef with a marine biologist. Visit a 13th century temple site, said to be built by the menehune (small people).

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