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Private Custom Journeys in Melanesia

Melanesia (the “dark islands”—a reference to how dark the islands look from sea, and also the darker skin color of the inhabitants) curves down from New Guinea to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Many of the large islands in this group are remnants from a sunken continent, leaving a fascinating ecological legacy. You’ll discover incredible natural and cultural diversity here, and real off the beaten path adventure.

You are there—

  • Papua New Guinea: Float village to village on the Sepik River through trees and jungle, in a region central to New Guinea’s striking traditional arts. In the lush highlands of Tari, meet Wig Men and learn about their relationships to birds of paradise, which you will also likely see. Enjoy some fantastic snorkeling in waters just north of the Great Barrier Reef, which share many of the same qualities.
  • Fiji: Experience village life on outlying islands, where some of the most hospitable people on earth will introduce you to the socially important kava ceremony. Dive, snorkel, and hike with marine biologists around the islands. Stay at the relaxed and exquisitely eco-friendly Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, or go truly local at a Fijian-style retreat in a village.

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