Greater Polynesia

Samoa, Easter Island, Hawaii, New Zealand – and a mere 1,000 islands in between!

Polynesia is nothing short of paradise—one thousand islands sprinkled within the "Polynesian Triangle," with New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island at each corner. Of those thousand islands, OBP offers five remarkable destinations – American Samoa, Independent Samoa, Easter Island, Hawaii, and New Zealand. If "remote island" is what you're after, consider this: Easter Island's closest neighbors, Chile and Tahiti, are over 2,000 miles away. A flight between neighboring American Samoa and Independent Samoa takes you over the International Date Line. Off the Beaten Path is dialed in to Polynesia. We're poised to arrange a fun and interesting Custom Journey, with cultural experiences, outdoor activities, and fabulous local guides. Or if you prefer, join us on a fully guided Small Group Journey to Independent Samoa or Hawaii. Find yourself in beautiful Polynesia!

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