Coral reefs, rain forest, and tropical bliss

Fiji is part of Melanesia, an island nation comprised of the volcanic remnants of an ancient sunken continent. The island of Viti Levu is the hub of the Fijian archipelago, with markets, museums, a shark preserve, sand dunes, lagoons, and access to great snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking, and fishing. The island of Taveuni, bisected by the International Dateline, is long and narrow, with 150 volcanic cones, a cool blowhole, some of Fiji’s highest peaks, hiking trails, and a coral reef.  The Yasawa Islands are rich with rain forest, beaches, colorful seashells, high peaks, hiking trails, caves, and protected swimming and snorkeling spots. Fijians greet guests with a rousing “bula,” or “welcome home.” And they really do want to make you feel at home in their paradise. Although Fiji is graced with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, extraordinarily fresh foods, and loads of adventure opportunities, its inviting culture is what you’ll probably remember over everything else.

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