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Get off the beaten path to hike and explore this beckoning landscape—a crazy quilt of slickrock, slot canyons, river canyons, unusual formations, natural arches and bridges, and cottonwood-lined creeks. There are lots of legitimate ways to define where, and even what, the Southwest is, but on our map it’s parts of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas. Joining Small Group Adventures ensures you’ll spend memorable, active days in the great outdoors in good company. Fall under the spell of the Desert Southwest with friends new and old!

Why go with a group? Well, people are hardwired to crave belonging and camaraderie, so sharing your adventures with at least one others can make them feel sweeter. That’s why Off the Beaten Path has put together some of the most creative and imaginative Small Group Adventures in the travel industry. And because these adventures are exactly that—small—you get a guide-to-guest ratio that ensures your particular interests and needs are taken into account. It’s a great way to go, so come along!

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Get lost in good company on an OBP Small Group Adventure in other-worldly landscapes.

Arches, Canyonlands, Bears Ears, and Mesa Verde

This Desert Southwest video showcases captivating topography and scenery that can’t be captured in a photo or a painting. Follow this past trip’s journey as they set foot on one of our most beloved and culturally rich OBP trips.

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