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We are inquisitive, intuitive, informative, reliable, and fun. Our goal is simple: Helping you connect with our great, big, beautiful world in new and meaningful ways.

What Sets Us Apart?

We've been partnering with travelers for over 30 years and from the beginning, it's always been about being a true friend to our travelers. We feel there are a few characteristics that we have in abundance that make us a great friend to you, as you go about exploring our world. If our values align with yours, we are probably a great fit - and we can't wait to get started!

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Our commitment to Responsible Travel:

Adventurous travel has always been important as a path to understanding our world and nourishing our spirits. At the same time, now more than ever, it’s vitally important to consider just how we go about all that adventuring. That’s why everything we do at Off the Beaten Path is guided by our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible travel. Foremost, this means working in a respectful, ecologically sensitive manner with local communities from Bettles, Alaska, to Koror, Palau. Because of this, you can trust that wherever you go as an OBP traveler you will be welcomed as a beneficial, balanced part of the local culture, nature, and economy. The truth is, travelers themselves are an essential component of responsible travel. Modern adventurers are ambassadors and witnesses, friends and allies, students and contributors. Off the Beaten Path recognizes the importance of person-to-person connections and helps you travel with your eyes, mind, and heart wide open.

When we opened our doors over thirty years ago, "responsible travel" was a new idea in the travel industry. It’s deeply satisfying to see how the concept has both taken root and taken wing. Every day we are inspired anew by travelers who cherish the natural world, are motivated toward genuine discovery, and who explore not to be merely entertained, but to be enlightened and energized. This confirms our hope and belief that future generations will inherit a healthy and diverse planet—along with a hearty hunger for adventure. See the world, love the world, off the beaten path.

Bill Bryan Bill Bryan Off the Beaten Path co-founder

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OBP’s guides are the best in the business, from historians to naturalists!

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Proud Partner of National Parks Conservation Association