From the medinas of Marrakech to the sands of the Sahara –Morocco is wonder-full!

Great, golden sand dunes, the turquoise sea, vibrant culture, spicy street food, fascinating ancient cities— a journey to Morocco will transform you with its tantalizing blend of ancient traditions, exotic cultures, and beguiling landscapes.

With Off the Beaten Path’s excellent Moroccan connections, you can navigate this complex country confidently, from dawn until dusk, around the souks in the Medina, through the Atlas Mountains, along national park trails, into the desert on the back of a camel, and up to the stars glittering over the Sahara.

Spend time with local guides, who tell stories, interpret, and add meaning to the enchanting architecture, palaces, markets, gardens, riads, mosques, public squares, tombs, and hammams.

Explore coasts, cities, desert, foothills, and mountains. Discover Morocco!

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