Arches National Park

Fascinating Formations and a Dashing Desert Landscape

Whoever’s job it was to name the various arches and formations in Arches National Park did a mighty fine job. Landscape, Delicate, The Three Gossips, Courthouse Wash— you’ll know them when you see them. This park holds over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, the greatest density of natural sandstone arches in the world. Add pinnacles, fins, windows, and balanced rocks and you’ve got a geological wonderland begging to be explored. Hike the slickrock trail to Delicate Arch for a classic photo opp. Wander through the Windows Section to the gaping North and South Windows and to Double Arch, the park’s two tallest. Learn about the fragile biological soil crust (don’t step on it) and teeming-with-life, water-filled “ephemeral pools,” otherwise known as potholes. Put this park on your bucket list.

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