Canyonlands National Park

Spacious and Stupendous: Rivers, Canyons, Needles, and Walls

Canyonlands is so vast that there are “districts” to help you navigate: Needles, Maze, Island in the Sky, and Rivers. The district names are intriguing and the reality is amazing! Wander through the slots, washes, and towers of the Needles District. The Maze is a hard-to-get-to puzzle of rock formations. We recommend going with an OBP guide, or by river—or both!

The Rivers (the Colorado and Green) wind through Canyonlands, meeting at the top of Cataract Canyon, a 46-mile-long canyon cut through the Colorado Plateau by the Colorado River. Island in the Sky is the place to go for sweeping vistas and the enticing White Rim Trail, a flat layer of sandstone that’s best explored by bike or jeep—or with an OBP guide! Needless to say, you’ll need more than a day to get to know this diverse and dynamic park, which spans 527 square miles.

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