Capitol Reef National Park

The 100-Mile-Long Waterpocket Fold

Capitol Reef National Park is long and narrow, running north and south along the Waterpocket Fold, a 100-mile-long buckle in the earth’s surface. The park name is a reference to white rock domes that look like the U.S. Capitol Building, and rocky ridges that call to mind marine reefs. This high-elevation desert park doesn’t get as many visitors as the nearby and more popular Zion and Bryce Canyon, and it takes a little bit more effort to explore, which just makes us love it all the more.

The park’s rich history is revealed in its remnants. Towering rock formations tell the tale of the geological uplift that gave way to erosion, while cabins and an old schoolhouse are evidence of early settlement. Pioneer-planted apple, apricot, and pear orchards are still producing where Fremont Indians once grew corn, beans, and squash. Take in the landscape along the Capitol Reef, Cathedral Valley, and Notom scenic roads. Or, choose one of the many excellent trails that lead you to bridges, arches, viewpoints, petroglyph panels, and beyond.

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