Glacier Bay National Park

Sheltered Fjords, Tidewater Glaciers, Spectacular Wildlife

Glacier Bay is special in so many ways, one of which is that you can only get there by boat or plane. The park is rich with life that inhabits inlets, coves, coastline, hidden harbors, and fiords—water is the name of the game! But there’s land too, in the form of glacial moraines and temperate rain forest, where trails lead you through spruce and hemlock and habitat that is home to moose and bears. Bartlett Cove offers easy protected access for kayaking. Point Adolphus is where currents come together and whales go to feed. Cruising up the West Arm to tidewater glaciers is amazing, taking you past sea lions, seals, otters, porpoise, puffins, and bears. Glacier Bay is wild writ large. Come see.  

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