Grand Teton National Park

Grand and Glorious

Grand Teton National Park sweeps down from Yellowstone’s south boundary, and what a stunning and wildly photogenic neighbor it is! The Tetons rise from the 6,000-foot sagebrush-laden valley floor to 13,776 feet in one dramatic swoop. Because the range is relatively young, its uneroded peaks—the Grand, Teewinot, and others—still spike the sky. Even with plentiful opportunities for biking, boating, swimming, and sightseeing, hiking is the name of the game here. Alpine lakes line the bottom of the range, inviting you to pack a picnic, choose your trailhead, and be on your way. Serious hikers can head through glacier-carved canyons to the upper lakes, with meadows of paintbrush, lupine, harebells, and larkspur along the way. Nearby Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a really fun town and makes a great base for exploring—or treat yourself to a stay at Jenny Lake Lodge inside the Park. However you do it, go to the Tetons and get yourself some gorgeous!

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