New Zealand

Two small islands in the middle of nowhere. One big opportunity for fun and adventure.

New Zealand may be small in size, but what lies on the country’s North and South Islands is bigger than life! Rising out of the Pacific are mountains, glaciers, fjords, lakes, subtropical forests, 9,500 miles of coastline, hot springs, geysers, and grasslands.

There are nine-to-one sheep to people, and there are kiwis, but let us explain. New Zealand’s unofficial national symbol is a flightless bird, the kiwi. A kiwi also refers to a New Zealander, a nickname based on the bird. A kiwifruit (yes, one word) is the beautiful lime-green, seed-speckled delicacy, wrapped in fuzzy brown skin. Got it? Good!

From the country’s highest point atop Mount Cook to the bottoms of the fjords, you’ll be dazzled at how well the country has packed so much beauty into so little space.

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