True Alaska

Katmai, Lake Clark, and Wrangell - St. Elias National Parks

Trip Details

moose in alaska

What’s Included? Everything you need, plus everything you want.

  • Bear viewing in Katmai: You have four days to be with the bears of Katmai. The guides at your idyllic wilderness lodge know the bears' habits, seasonal routines, and personalities, and soon you will too.
  • Active exploration: Hiking, glacier walks with crampons, kayaking and canoeing, optional fishing—you're out in it on this trip, way out.
  • Bird's-eye Alaska views: Small planes are a way of life in Alaska, and you'll thrill to some super scenic flights-including through Lake Clark Pass over glaciers and streams, and into the jaw-dropping mountain kingdom of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
  • Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve: This vast wilderness park (the biggest in the U.S.) is like an Alaska within Alaska with its mountain ranges, glaciers, and rivers. It is splendid isolation cushioned by a comfortable lodge with a big front porch.

True Alaska

Trip Type: Custom-Made Travel

Territory: North America

Region: Alaska

Trip Price: $9,300

Duration: 12 days/11 nights

Trip Begins/Ends: Anchorage, Alaska / Anchorage, Alaska

National Parklands: Wrangell-St. Elias NP;Lake Clark NP;Katmai NP

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All custom travel is tailored to the desires and interests of our traveling clients (see How Custom Travel Works tab). Trip pricing detailed is an estimate of the per person pricing for the sample itinerary detailed and includes all of the lodging, activities, and guided experiences described. Actual pricing for the trip designed expressly for you and others traveling with you will depend on the features and elements developed during the trip planning process. Travel with Off the Beaten Path requires agreement to our standard Terms & Conditions.

Energy Index

Energy Index Spectrum

No Sweat - 1-2 miles of walking or hiking per day, plus easy activities

Nice & Active – 3-6 miles of hiking or walking per day, plus physically active exploration

High Five! – 5-12 miles of hiking per day, plus possible peak bagging or other action-oriented fun

True Alaska

True Alaska - Energy Index

The Energy Index detailed above relates to the level of exertion associated with the sample trip detailed. This would be modified to fit the style and ability of your group as a part of the custom trip planning process

How custom-made travel works at Off the Beaten Path

We’ve been tailoring custom journeys for clients since our very inception in the mid-1980s! The process is all about connecting the interests of the travelers with the best that a given destination has to offer. To achieve this, we rely upon good ol’ fashioned conversation! Our geographically focused travel designer love to meet new people and learn about their interests for travel. Understanding your goals informs the process immensely and serves as the foundation for the development of a bespoke travel experience for you and yours.

The trip detailed on this web page is a sample of something we’ve done for other clients over the years. In order to start the process of designing your own custom travel experience, just call us at (800) 445-2995 and ask to speak with one of our Travel Advisors. After a bit of time on the phone, you will then have the opportunity to connect with one of our travel designers.

The entire planning process is very personalized and works in an iterative fashion until a final, perfect trip has been created. We then secure all of the lodging, activities, and guided experiences associated with your trip and send along abundant trip materials capturing these details – and much more about your travels!


Day 1: Anchorage, Alaska

Depending on when you arrive in Anchorage, you may want to walk the Tony Knowles coastal greenbelt trail, visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center or Anchorage Museum, or consult your personal OBP Journey Guidebook for other ideas on shopping, attractions, and dining.    

Day 2: Kodiak, Alaska

From  your downtown hotel overlooking the St. Paul Harbor, you can walk the docks, visit the Russian cemetery or Baranof Museum, explore historic ruins of a World War II coastal defense installation, or find other ideas in your OBP guidebook.  

Days 3-6: Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Catch a 45-minute floatplane ride to Katmai Wilderness Lodge for four extraordinary days of being with bears. You will see bears right from the lodge, but each day you’ll set out on short boat rides with your guide to look for bears on beaches and in meadows around the bay. In addition to bears, you might see bald eagles, sea otters, seals, and seabirds, as well as occasional whales, moose, and wolves. 

Day 7: Anchorage, Alaska

A floatplane takes you back to Kodiak to hop a jet for the hour-long flight back to Anchorage. Depending on your timing, you can catch some of the sights you missed the first time around. 

Day 8: Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

A breathtaking small-plane flight through Lake Clark Pass delivers you to the park and your fabulous backcountry lodge. Choose your joy here: hiking, kayaking, fishing, or even helicopter-in bear viewing.  

Days 9-11: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve

Wake up on the shores of Lake Clark this morning, and two flights and a drive later, you’re in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. On your spectacular first day, you jump in a bush plane and land with your guide on a tiny dirt airstrip right next to Kennicott Glacier. The flight is spectacular, and the hiking is even better, with wildflower meadows and panoramic views. Climb the mountainside, or cross the moraine to explore the glacier. On your amazing second day, learn all about glaciers as you trek on Root Glacier. You’re back in plenty of time for a fascinating afternoon prowl through the Kennecott ghost town (spelled with an “e” instead of an “i” after the Kennecott Mining Company), where you can go inside historical buildings still strewn with remnants from the copper mining heyday—including the 14-story concentration mill. Ready to tackle some stairs? 

Day 12: Anchorage, Alaska

In reverse of what you did coming in, catch a small plane to Chitina and drive back to Anchorage. The pleasant 5.5-hour drive takes you through the farms and gardens of the fertile Matanuska Valley, settled in the 1930s by farmers fleeing the Dust Bowl. Stop in at the Musk Ox Farm to learn about qiviut, the finest wool in the world, eight times warmer than wool and softer than cashmere.   

Day 13: Departure home

It’s never easy to leave Alaska, but you’ll be taking the sense of space, and thrill of true wilderness, home with you. You can always come back.   

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