Crater Lake National Park

So Blue, So Deep, So Beautiful

What do you get when you cross an enormous, ancient volcanic eruption with the volcano’s subsequent collapse? The country’s deepest, bluest, most spectacular Crater Lake! The collapse occurred 7,700 years ago. And 116 years ago, Crater Lake was designated as our country’s fifth national park. The azure waters occupy a six-mile-wide caldera and can be admired from various perspectives, starting with the 20 overlooks along the Rim Drive that circles the lake. You can also take a Volcano Boat Cruise along the lake’s perimeter, or hike trails that lead you through meadows and past waterfalls to scenic viewpoints. Crater Lake Lodge sits perched on the cliffs above the lake and is a cozy retreat with cabin and lodge room accommodations and a dining room with a stunning view serving Northwest cuisine. It’s a Northwest retreat with an explosive past and perfectly peaceful present.

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