Samoa and American Samoa

Crystal waters, dazzling beaches, and an enduring culture

Settled by seafaring explorers three thousand years ago, Samoa is the cultural hub of the Polynesian wheel—considered to be the oldest culture in the Polynesian Triangle. Across the centuries distinct ways of life and practices coalesced into what is called fa’a samoa, the Samoan way. Samoa is also a true off the beaten path paradise of rugged volcanic mountains, dramatic shorelines, empty beaches, colorful coral reefs, and dense tropical forests. You can travel with Off the Beaten Path to both Samoa and American Samoa. Samoa is an independent island nation, while American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States. In the latter, the National Park of American Samoa is a sparkling tropical treasure chest, and the only park in our national park system south of the equator. Lying across parts of three different islands, the park protects five distinct rain forest habitat communities, an extensive coral reef, and what many call American Samoa’s most beautiful beach.

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