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Dear Friends:
Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to review our website and learn more about our unique, experience-focused travel company.

Off the Beaten Path has been partnering with our friends in travel for over 31 years and our whole team is as invigorated as ever to be a good steward to our clientele during their travels. Whether on one of our small group adventures, a classic Airstream experience, or our “flagship” service of tailor-made travel experiences, we would love to connect and talk about getting you off the beaten path in the coming year.

Given our focus on regional depth and expertise, we encourage you to peruse all of our nearly 20 travel destinations that span the globe. We hope the travel experiences we’ve illustrated here will give you a good sense for how we link our travelers to each of these magnificent landscapes in meaningful ways.

As with everything we do, we encourage you to connect with us directly – digitally or in person – to learn more about our unique approach to travel and the many ways that we differentiate ourselves in the travel industry. Whether your interests lie in immersive experiences to any of our sacred national parklands, cultural connections with people capturing life in divergent ways from your own, or active explorations with friends and family that “stir the pot” to the authentic core of why we all need to travel, we would be honored to be your partner.

Everything we do is in celebration of this big, beautiful world and our good fortune to dwell in, immerse, and connect with it! Please enjoy our website and let us know when it is time to get off the beaten path!

Wishing you all the very best in travel and life,

Cory Lawrence President & CEO

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Serendipity has always been kind to me, and I believe that cultivating the ability to trust serendipity – to follow its compass — is one of the essential travel arts. A journey I took a few years ago to Easter Island provided the perfect example of the gifts that serendipity can sometimes bestow. That journey […]

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Illumination at Machu Picchu

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National Parks – Five Off-the-Beaten-Path Favorites

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Finding Connection with Cory Lawrence

Posted on 2017/01/02

Cory Lawrence is the president and CEO of Off the Beaten Path. In early 2017, writer Sabine Bergmann spoke with him about Wyoming trivia, adventuring at twelve years old, and his lifelong search for connection. Sabine Bergmann: Let’s start at the beginning, which for you would be in Johnson County, Wyoming. It’s more than 4,000 […]

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