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Responsible Travel

Our commitment

When Pam and I started Off the Beaten Path in 1985, we based our approach to travel on the passion we had for the Rockies—its people, land, and communities. We wanted to share with our friends the full richness of all our travel territories, through the sense of discovery, belonging, neighborliness, and understanding that loosely called “responsible travel.” Little did we know that this would today become the preferred way of operating in the adventure travel world. While Off the Beaten Path may well have coined the term “responsible travel,” we believe we must continue to be at the forefront of how this concept is actually realized. To do that, we have to demonstrate, in all that we do, that we care: about people and their cultures and beliefs, about the environment, about the communities in which we work, and about providing meaningful journeys for our guests that will help them be informed travelers—and maybe even change their lives. We strive to give back at least as much as we take, to offer our travelers the opportunity to discover and learn, and to leave no trace.

Going forward, we are committed to constantly improving our programs, operations, and methods of communication so that we are a sustainable part of the social and natural worlds in which we live and conduct our business. This is “responsible travel,” and we’re proud to be leaders in the movement.

—Bill Bryan, Off the Beaten Path co-founder